Big Deal Support

For when you need to set yourself apart

If you’ve got an RFP, tender, or bid on the table what are you doing to ensure you win that business?

Over and above just answering the questions you’re given and submitting your best quote (just like everyone else will be) that is?

When you’re in direct competition with others you need to take a different approach so you’re seen as the obvious choice to work with, not just an also ran who's there to make up the numbers.

But responding to “big deals” can be time consuming and intense, can't it? Plus it can be a serious distraction from B.A.U. So, what can you do about it?

Bring in the bid SWAT team...

Whether you need us to work alongside your existing bid team, dishing out fresh ideas and new angles, or take on the bid management process for you from beginning to end we've got your back, jack.

However you want to play it we'll be on hand to build and deliver distinctive, desirable bid responses and supporting materials (within the parameters of the bid process, obviously) that will knock decision makers socks off.

We’ll set you apart from your competition and give you the best chance possible of bring home the W.