AKA. Great jobs for great people

Not the usual blurb...


On other companies websites this is where you'd find the usual blurb about 'active vacancies', 'open opportunities' and 'drop us over a copy of your CV and a cover letter and we'll get back to you when something comes up'.

But that's other companies, not us.

Sure, when we've got a role we need to fill we'll probably post it here (like those two roles below) but what we'd much rather do is find amazing people first and then create a role for them.


So what constitutes an 'amazing person' in Sharper land?


There are 5 deal-breakers you'll need to know about to qualify for amazingness:


You've got to have client-side experience. It doesn't necessarily need to be in B2B, Tech, or B2B Tech but you NEED to know what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, and even tastes like to be in the client's shoes. It's how we ensure we always do a great job.

You've got to love your marketing. You don't need to be IN love with marketing (that'd just be weird) and you don't even need to be a marketer right now. But you've got to be someone who gets excited by at least some, if not all of the different flavours marketing can take.

You've got to be comfortable with how we go about things. We're not renegade mavericks tearing up rule books or anything like that, but we do things a little differently. Check out How to Live a Sharper Life to see if you're onboard.

It'd be really helpful if you love your food. We talk about food A LOT and when we get together (in and amongst all the COVIDs) it's invariably to eat

And last but not least, you've definitely, absolutely, 100% got to be a nice person. You don't need to be out adopting puppies and volunteering every weekend, you just need to treat people how you'd like to be treated.

Sound like you could roll with a gang like ours?


That's awesome.

But don't just send us a CV and a cover letter or anything like that.

Think outside the box. Try something different. Grab our attention - because if you can't do that for yourself (the one thing you should absolutely know how to market) how are you going to do it for clients?

We can't wait to hear from you...