Flagship PR & Sharper

Re-thinking thought leadership

The marketing team at Flagship PR were deep in the midst of creating a brand new, research-lead thought leadership piece that was going to be the core of a lead generation campaign.

Aimed at grabbing the attention of the UK legal sector, it looked at which of the top 200 firms had performed the best "PR wise" during the COVID-19 lockdown of early 2020. Who were those firms who had made the most of the opportunity to earn a greater presence in the market when others would have been stepping back?

There was also a diversity angle to the piece looking at those firms that were properly amplifying voices and opinions that weren't the typical "Pale, Male and Stale" you'd associate with legal firms.

But something wasn't quite clicking. Something didn't feel quite right with the piece in it's current form.

So Flagship drafted in Sharper to help make things, well... sharper.

Pulling things apart, putting them back together

Working with the Flagship team - Sophy, Hannah, and Jo - we essentially tore the content piece to shreds. They wanted us to do this though, so nobody cried.

With a clear focus on who the target audience for the piece would be we stripped the content back to its core themes. That enabled us to pick out those juicy insights and tit-bits of information the audience would really care about but were currently hidden deep in the content.

We advised Flagship to split the research piece into two, too. One piece focused on the PR performance of legal firms during lockdown and another focused on diversity. Combining the two was diluting the messages. Breaking them apart actually made both pieces stronger.

We also gave Flagship some guidance on the layout and design of the piece to make it more easily digestible and ensure maximum visual impact for the reader.

All Smiles...

Were the Flagship team happy with all that potentially hard to hear feedback? Here's what Sophy, Senior Associate Director had to say...

“In one, immersive, session the team at Sharper helped us get to the intent of our thought leadership campaign, turning our original thinking into something far more purposeful and actionable. 

Focused on helping us generate leads and to raise our brand awareness, the advice from the team was on point, on target and, most aptly, sharper than anything we have received in sometime.”

(and isn't this a brilliant picture of her? Doesn't it just make you smile?)

Fancy tapping into some "marketing brain power" from Sharper just like Sophy and the team at Flagship did? You know what to do...