SwattUp & Sharper

New Markets. New Messages.

SwattUp is the brain child of founder and CEO Freddie Tilbrook and was born out of some tough personal times for Freddie. He's very open about the whole story, so won't mind us sharing it here.

Whilst at uni Freddie suffered a stroke - he recovered perfectly, he's fine now - but after the dust had settled it left him with two options for completing his degree. Option 1: Return to studies as normal but miss out on graduating with his friends and a job offer. Or Option 2: Complete two years of study in a single academic year.

Freddie went with option two, but he went about studying in a different way. The standard format of lectures and seminars didn't work for Freddie so instead, he tapped into the knowledge of those around him and built a learning community where everyone could share and collaborate side-by-side.

Did the approach work?

Absolutely. Freddie graduated on time, jumped up a whole grade from what he was predicted and snagged that job. But he also knew he was on to something with the learning community he'd built.

When new opportunities arise...

So that learning community became SwattUp and it was quickly embraced by students and universities across the UK. It's used in more than 100 Unis right now, helping students better engage with learning and giving them access to a community of like-minded people that's enabling them to smash their studies.

But, in doing all that SwattUp caught the attention of others outside of the education sector.

You see, lots of big companies invest in expensive Learning and Development (L&D) platforms for their people but struggle to get anyone to actually use them on a regular basis. It's more something people do the week before they've got an appraisal to "tick a box".

But SwattUp has proven you can regularly engage people in learning and build a community of learners in the process. And THAT is what businesses want.

So with an opportunity to move into a new market presenting itself, Freddie got in touch with Russ (our MD, they'd made friends on a training course a little while back) to see if Sharper could lend a hand and build some brand new, B2B-style messaging and positioning for SwattUp.

Of course we could...

Getting into the nitty gritty.

We worked with Freddie to unpick the SwattUp story, properly define the SwattUp brand and develop the key messages that need to be taken to market to show that SwattUp can meet the needs of businesses, their L&D teams and - most importantly - their people.

We did deep and detailed research on the needs and challenges of L&D professionals - SwattUp's target market - across a broad range of industry sectors, looking at who they are, what occupies their time and how SwattUp can help them.

Using that knowledge and a clear understanding of why SwattUp exists, we then built a complete set of market facing messaging for SwattUp. This "single source of truth" for all things marketing has enabled SwattUp to properly position themselves in the market, better communicate the value they can add, and tailor that message for specific sectors.

We then used all this awesome foundational work to create SwattUp's content strategy giving them clear guidance on how to build hub, hygiene and hero content that will help them engage with, entertain and excite their core audience.

Happy days

And was Freddie happy with all of this? You bet your nelly he was...

"Our ears pricked up when we saw the awesome content Sharper was generating on LinkedIn and we asked them to build a demand generation strategy for us.

They didn't disappoint.

Very quickly they gained a deep understanding of our customers and explained how to engage them in a compelling and authentic way with content that shows off different components of our business' purpose, values and products.”

Fancy tapping into some "marketing brain power" from Sharper and getting your brand, messaging and content in order just like Freddie and SwattUp did? You know what to do...

Hold Up! Exciting SwattUp news...

To celebrate the launch of their global learner community SwattUp are giving users the chance to earn unlimited access for life. That's '000s of hours of online courses, free, for life! All you have to do is sign up at swattup.com/wait-list and refer as many people as possible. If you are one of our top 1,000 referrers you'll earn unlimited access for life.