How to live a Sharper life

A short guide

If you're part of the Sharper gang we only ever want you to be you, but the following just gives you a quick guide on how to do things the Sharper way:

- Absolute honesty, always.

No politics. No bullshit. No game players.

- Share your ideas freely.

Let them fly, let them die.

- Chop your own firewood.

"Chop your own firewood, and it will warm you twice" - Henry Ford

- Manage your energy, not your time.

We don't care how you work. We care about the work you deliver.

- Forgiveness > Permission.

JFDI (with the best intentions).

- Be selfish, purposefully.

Put yourself first when you need to.

- Don't take yourself too seriously.

Nobody dies if we get something wrong.

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