Lead Generation Campaigns

Right people, right time, right conversations

How often do you hear your sales team complain about a lack of decent leads?

Monthly? Weekly? Daily?

Even if you don’t hear them, they’re definitely complaining about it out of earshot. Those cheeky devils.

You'll already know this but it's worth reinforcing; Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without the right quantity of quality leads coming through you're really going to struggle to drive your business forward, aren't you?

Filling your pipeline can be a persistent problem though, made all the harder by not being able to do things face-to-face right now. So what can you do to activate sales opportunities and deliver the quality leads you need?

(You know where we're going with this, right?)

Quality, Quantity, and ROI.

We build lead generation campaigns that deliver ROI because they're based on metrics and measures of success that ACTUALLY make a difference to your business.

100's of "leads" from an exhibition may make you feel good but if they just sit in your CRM for 6 months to then be deleted out what value has that added? The square route of eff all, that's what.

We approach things with rigour and crunch the numbers so everyone knows what good looks like and what to expect when it comes to lead gen.

Consistently generating high-quality leads isn't about just "flipping a switch" and watching MQLs pour in. (It CAN be, but it's bloody expensive and won't last long). It's about identifying and activating the right sales conversations at the right time.

Want to take a more grown up approach to lead gen? Let's talk...

What do Lead Generation campaigns look like, then?

Lead gen is all about building you a pipeline of high quality conversations. We're not interested in filling your pipeline with crap that doesn't convert. We're only focused on getting you actively engaged with people who want to buy - ideally from you. Here's how we do that:

- Quality > Quantity

Bombarding an email list with a one-size-fits-all campaign or having some poor telemarketer wade through a load of ancient contact data is a load of old bollocks. Email and telemarketing still have their place when it comes to lead generation, but to be effective the whole approach needs to be far more co-ordinated and precise.

It's not about just getting a massive quantity of contacts who might "possibly, some day, maybe be interested" in buying into your CRM system - that then sits there festering, or looking like it might come back to life like some sort of zombie. It's about getting the right quality of lead into your pipeline. Those people who will actually convert and buy.

- Powerful messages & empowering tech

We build on demand gen activity and use data and tech to identify those individuals who are ripe and ready for a sales conversation. Then we start opening doors for you.

We open those doors and get conversations kicked off by using a multi-channel approach (relevant to your target audience) that helps a potential customer move from awareness, to interest, to decision, to action - with your business in mind - with greater ease.

- Provable and repeatable results

Once we've got individuals at the stage of wanting to take action and talk about buying we'll ensure a proper handover to your sales team. One that's seamless and easy for everyone to manage. We want to avoid any leaks in the pipeline and make sure you can focus on converting your high quality leads into new business. Simple.

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