SharpUp for StartUps

Calling all StartUp Founders, MDs and CEOs.

In the strange old world we now live in, getting real value from your Marketing is a bigger challenge than ever.

And it’s an even greater one for StartUps.

When you’re juggling priorities, moving fast and thinking big, getting your Marketing off the ground and delivering value can end up as just another thing on your long ‘to-do’ list.

But, we all know that great marketing is the fuel that’ll power your company to its next stage of growth.

So, we’re here to help you tick marketing off that long list, knock down those doors to investors and get your business out there in all its glory.

Whether you’re pre-launch, seeking your first round of investment, rebranding after a few years in the biz, or just needing some sh*t hot day-to-day marketing support, Sharper have got your back.

We get that your needs are ever-changing, so we’ve created a super easy to understand four-level model - The Launchpad, The Liftoff, The Explorer and Mission Control. It makes it simple for you to see what’ll work best for you and also exactly how we can take your marketing (and your StartUp) to the next level. Scroll down for a quick comparison chart, or read on to find out about what to expect at each level...

Why choose us to join you on your voyage?

We've been there and done that... 💭

We’re battle-hardened B2B tech marketers with deep and varied tech sector experience. We’re also all client-side marketers by trade, no agency-lifers here. That means we know (and have first-hand experience of) what it’s like to work with a crap agency. And means we know what it means to be “non-crap”.

We’ve truly been there, done that, got the tshirt and walked in your shoes. We’ll be able to help you steer the ship or just get amazing stuff done as you need it.

We're startup savvy 🤖

Not only B2B lifers (no it’s not as much of a prison-sentence as that sounds), we’ve also got the start up knowledge and experience to back it up. We understand the complex and uber-competitive world of Tech Startups, having worked with several already.

Whether you’re bootstrapped, angel or VC-backed, we get the lingo, understand the implications of investor priorities to your business and can support you effectively.

Plus… we’re also a Startup ourselves, so we’re all in this together. We’re unencumbered by unnecessary processes or politics and can work as flexibly and boldly as you need us too.

We're brave, not boring with B2B 😄

We’re all about having fun with what we do and ultimately led by our mission of making B2B marketing as a whole more creative, more valued and more commercially successful.

B2B marketing is often dry or downright boring. ‘Traditional’ B2B marketing and typical agency approaches don’t quite feel right when you’re looking for something that little bit different, vibrant and more ‘startup-y’.

We can give you just that. Take a look at our own approach to marketing… it’s not the norm. We’ll help you be brave with your marketing and stand out, too.

If you need proof of our ‘fun’ approach to B2B marketing check out our MD’s #funadsforboringstuff on LinkedIn...

Not sure where to start? Check out the #SharpUp for StartUp levels below...