The Explorer

For when you're ready to take your brand to market (properly)

When you're ready for the full marketing shebang 'The Explorer' is for you.

Why? Because it's the full works for when you’re looking to take your brand to market properly or you’re getting ready for a revamp ahead of a big funding round. It gives you what you need... consistent, ongoing marketing support.

Bringing in an internal marketer or marketing team is a long-term commitment that you might not want to make right now. We get that.

That’s why with The Explorer we deliver everything you’d expect from an internal team of marketing “doers” coupled with the strategic guidance of a virtual CMO. There’s no need for you to hire a team, manage them and make sure they’re delivering. We’ll build your strategy, deliver it and ensure you get the results you need.

What we'll do:

Everything in ‘The Launchpad’ and ‘The Liftoff’, plus…

- Ongoing content creation to support brand awareness and campaign activity

- Complete execution and delivery of your marketing strategy and ongoing campaigns.

- Guide and support your marketing at a strategic, CMO level

The Value you'll get:

- All the content you need – blogs, videos, white papers, thought leadership, podcasts, visuals, etc – to support your marketing activity

- Fully delivered marketing activity focused on building your brand and generating business for your start up. Full reporting, management and optimisation to ensure that ROI is delivered.

- A virtual board member, to provide an objective view and represent marketing at the highest level in your business

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