The Launchpad

For when you're beginning your StartUp adventure

If you're just beginning your StartUp adventure or you're in need of a brand re-boot, 'The Launchpad' is for you...

Why? Because it can be hard to be objective and really get to the core of what your business stands for and the value it delivers to your target audience when you’re so ingrained in the day-to-day.

We’re here to help you declutter your thoughts and your ‘sales bumphf’, cut through the jargon, and get to the message that really hits the right notes with your audience and ultimately helps you grow your business.

What we'll do:

Run a series of Discovery workshops with you, your founding team and marketers (if you have them) to really dig into:

- Why your start up exists

- Who you need to target

- What you’re going to say

- How you do all of that....

The value you'll get:

- A clear foundation for your marketing strategy (built on facts, metrics and provable measures of success), target audience personas, and key messages to use that solidifies your business identity and ‘brand’

- A ‘Play Back Deck’ chocked full of the key components and market facing messaging you’ll need to take your brand to market; essentially your ‘starter pack’ to get cracking with marketing

- A 12 month marketing strategy, outlining exactly what needs to be done to take all of that great strategy work and get your business out into the real world.

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