To infinity and beyond. #SharpUp for StartUps

The countdown’s over, we’ve taken our protein pills, put our helmets on, and we have ignition.

There’s no need to watch this “space” any longer because we’re super excited to announce the launch of #SharpUp for StartUps our new range of services exclusively for StartUps.


Why is #SharpUp just for StartUps?

It’s a strange old world right now and getting real value from Marketing is a bigger challenge than ever. And, it’s an even greater one for StartUps.

As a StartUp ourselves, we know better than those big ol’ traditional B2B agencies, just how quick-thinking, tenacious and creative you need to be to get noticed (and survive). And, that’s with all our marketing experience to boot.

So, we figured that it must be even harder for MDs, CEOs and Founders of StartUps with no marketing experience to even know where to begin.

Marketing is often  ‘forgotten’ about, added to the ‘we’ll pick that up in the next meeting’ list, or put in the ‘we can’t afford that / think about that / we’re not ready for that right now’ box.

But, great marketing is the driving force behind any successful company. And StartUps are no different.

#SharpUp for Startups is here to take marketing off the long to-do list and start driving real value for StartUp Founders everywhere.



I’m intrigued, tell me more…

After a lot of planning, research and thought we’ve created a four-tiered package which is designed to help StartUps at every stage.

Whether pre-launch, seeking the first round of investment, rebranding after a few years in the biz, or just needing some sh*t hot day-to-day marketing support, Sharper has got your backs with our four-tiered model:



We won’t cover everything here, as everything you need to know is available for you to peruse at your leisure. But, a quick synopsis of the four tiers is here for your viewing pleasure.


startup comparison


But what do you know about StartUps?

Well for one thing, we are one.  But if you want to know more about why StartUps choose to work with us plus our other ‘credentials’ (oh, fancy), then just check out the ‘why choose us to join you on your voyage’ here.

And for further proof that ‘Startup-y’ marketing is our bag, then just check out our client work and kudos, including this lovely testimonial from Founder/CEO of Ed-Tech StartUp, SwattUp, Freddie Tilbrook:


“Our ears pricked up when we saw the awesome content Sharper was generating on LinkedIn and we asked them to build a demand generation strategy for us.

They didn’t disappoint.

Very quickly they gained a deep understanding of our customers and explained how to engage them in a compelling and authentic way with content that shows off different components of our business’ purpose, values and products.”


So, if you’re a StartUp hungry to see the growth and results that ‘proper’ marketing can bring then get in touch. Or, if you know a StartUp that needs some marketing help, we’d love for you to make an introduction.

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