5 Ways to “Un-Crap” Your Data

It’s a phrase we’ve heard fall out of the mouths of too many a C Suite-er, salesperson, marketer, or other business-type human all too often. The moment you introduce the subject of data (or data , depending on how you pronounce it) you can sense it’s coming. You see a dull flicker behind the eyes, you […]

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Marketers aren’t Magic…

‘‘Abracadabra”… surprisingly enough we don’t prance around Sharper HQ casting spells to get our  work done (although we’d happily use a ‘Wingardium LeviOsa’ spell or two to fetch a cup of tea or another pink lady apple) So, when it comes to being briefed as a marketer – and this will ring true for those […]

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Mirror mirror on the wall: let’s rid your marketing of vanity metrics once and for all

We’ve all heard the quotes about “such and such is vanity, the other thing is sanity, and this last doo-da is reality”, right? The whole vanity/sanity/reality paradigm has been applied time and time again in many different ways. If it’s so well known though, why do so many businesses and their marketers still stick with […]

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