The Marketing Magpie Podcast

Uncovering unusual and unexpected sources of marketing inspiration

Hello, dear marketer.


Bored of the same old marketing people talking about the same old marketing stuff on the same old marketing videos, webinars and podcasts? We were too. And that's why we've launched ***SQUAWK*** The Marketing Magpie.

We've binned off the normal format of dry interviews and stale pronouncements of nothingness to bring you regular doses of podcasty goodness that uncover unusual and unexpected sources of inspiration for you, the marketer. But just what can a stand up comic, a graffiti artist or a hypnotist (amongst other people) teach you about marketing? Quite a lot it would seem, and there are plenty of other non-marketers lining up to impart their wisdom too.

So, turn on, tune in, and drop out...of the regular stream of boring marketing chat and get your ears around The Marketing Magpie.


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Liking what you're hearing? Well thanks very much.

Think it's a big pile of cack? Well we think you are too.

Either way, drop us a line if you want to have a chat about the podcast, think you've got someone who would make an ideal guest or if you think YOU would make an ideal guest. Unless you're a pile of cack, obviously