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Quiz, Prizes and Cyber Surprises

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The ‘Protect Your Data, Now’ Quiz proves that it is possible to deliver a fun, creative and engaging campaign while also sharing valuable content with the target audience. With prizes up for grabs, what have you got to lose? Hopefully not your data...







The Challenge

INNEO Solutions are a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM/PLM solutions, complemented by IT and Project Management solutions.

Operating in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, they specialise in manufacturing, digital reality, IoT, information technology and process optimisation. For this campaign, we worked with the INNEO team based at their head office in Germany.

INNEO partner with NetApp to deliver cyber resilience services to their growing customer base.

With a big presence in the manufacturing industry, INNEO wanted to drive awareness of the growing number of security threats that have been plaguing companies of all shapes and sizes. Educating this audience on cyber security solutions was, therefore, a key priority.

A quiz campaign concept was developed as a way of delivering valuable content to the target audience (IT decision makers), while giving them a fun, interactive experience and the chance to win some exciting prizes!

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The Solution

The objectives of this campaign were to:

  • Educate INNEO prospects and existing customers within Germany about their cyber resilience offering (an area they aren’t quite so well-known for), which they provide alongside their platinum partner, NetApp.
  • Lead Generation: All registrants for the Quiz would be passed over to the INNEO sales team for follow up and nurture activity.
  • Engage the audience with a fun and creative theme. ‘Protect Your Data’ was the name of the Quiz, and it also had a hooking storyline – a cyber security hacker was on the loose in a manufacturing plant and the player was challenged to come up against them.

INNEO had an email target audience of approximately 10,000 individuals (extracted from their newsletter database) and registrants were driven to the landing page via this channel, as well as through targeted LinkedIn Paid Ads and organic social posts.

Once they hit the Quiz microsite, players were challenged with 12 multiple-choice questions (all with a cyber resilience theme). For each question, they were given a hint in the form of a valuable content piece – e.g. blog post, e-book, report etc.

There was also a prize incentive for taking part in the Quiz. The top three winners on the leaderboard won Amazon vouchers plus a full day on-site IT security assessment with INNEO. And seven lucky runners up received Amazon vouchers alongside a half day online IT security assessment.

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The Results

Brand Awareness

  • Over 1,800 visitors to the quiz microsite, with a 6.47% conversion of traffic
  • 35.4% average email open rate
  • 154,000+ impressions and 0.94% average CTR from paid LinkedIn channel

Lead Generation

  • $3m pipeline and 15 opportunities were generated off the back of the campaign, which translates to an ROI of 1:150
  • 120 quiz registrations

The results of this campaign speak for themselves! The INNEO and NetApp team were so impressed that they ran a follow-up nurture campaign with Sharper, which continues to deliver results.

mockup-of-a-hand-holding-iphone-6-plus-a10768 lres
Here's what Markus Hanneman, Director of Marketing at INNEO Solutions had to say...

‘’ Working with Sharper B2B Marketing on this campaign has been really enjoyable. Their creative ideas are so unique and extremely refreshing for our target audience - the results prove it!

Our sales team have a very healthy list of target individuals to follow up with and nurture, and it’s given us the opportunity to drive more conversations about cyber resilience, which is exactly what we were hoping for.’’

So, fancy making your B2B marketing Sharper? We’re ready when you are.

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