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Clever Strategic Thinking

For when you need fresh perspectives, experienced back up, and answers to brand new questions.

When you're working with Sharper you get:

  • The additional brain power needed to kick-start your marketing
  • To know how - or if - your marketing’s actually working
  • A deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world you operate in
  • Your own plan of action and attack for delivering marketing ROI
  • The ability to make your brand distinctive, defensible and desirable
  • Top-tier expertise, back up, and answers
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What's the challenge?

Marketing’s easy, right?

Anyone can do it. Just knock up some blogs, bash out a few social posts, and then watch the leads roll in. Simple…

Far from it.

Marketing is a blend of art and science, people and process, data and gut-feel, trial and error, impact and patience, inspiration and hard graft. Great marketing doesn’t just happen.

It needs the proper focus, thinking, and strategic planning to get right. And what getting it right means for you and your brand can be very different from someone else. 

So, whether you’re:

  • A Founder/MD/CEO who knows you need to do marketing but you’re not quite sure where to start…
  • A hands-on Marketer who’s over-stretched, short of head space, and in need if some experienced back up, or…
  • A senior Marketer in desperate need of objective, outlier views to challenge the status quo and inject some freshness into proceedings…

Sharper are on hand with the clever thinking and Strategic Secret Sauce required to make your marketing, well… Sharper. The clue’s in the name.

How the brightest minds in B2B (that's us) can help you:

Our 6 Clever Strategic Thinking Services

Let's talk

CST 01

Marketing Brain Power

“For when you know you need to do marketing, but you don’t know where to start”

What does that look/feel like? 
  • You get dedicated, one-on-one access to the brightest minds in B2B marketing.
  • You get everything you need to do marketing properly (and drive ROI).
  • You get the complete, unabridged, end-to-end marketing strategy you always knew you needed.

CST 02
Marketing Stress-Testing

“For when you need to answer the question: Is our Marketing actually working?”

What does that look/feel like? 
  • You get an objective, unaffiliated, and common-sense critique of your current marketing performance.
  • You get the finite detail on the ROI metrics and measures of success that should really matter to you.
  • You get to know what “good” looks like (and you get a plan for how to get there).

CST 03

Market Topography

“For when you need a deeper and richer understanding of the world you operate in”

What does that look/feel like? 
  • You get a clear view on who your ideal customers are as individuals - not just faceless "personae", organisations, industries and markets.
  • You get to understand the “nuts and bolts” of your competitor's offerings and the other alternative choices your customers have.
  • You get practical guidance on how to exploit opportunities, become meaningfully different, and stand out from the rest.

CST 04
Go-To-Market Guidance

“For when you need your own high-impact plan of action and attack”

What does that look/feel like? 

  • You get your own well-thought-through and carefully considered plan to engage the right audience.
  •  You get a blow-by-blow run down of exactly what needs to happen when, where, and by whom to deliver top notch marketing and ROI.
  • You get the low down on the metrics and measures of success to track so you KNOW and can PROVE your marketing works.

CST 05
Brand Aid

“For when you need to make your brand distinct, defensible, and desirable”

What does that look/feel like?

  • You get the right words in the right order - without the waffle - to perfectly capture why you do what you do and breath new life into how you talk to your audience.
  • You get the powerful messaging, crisp copy, and wordsmithed comms to pique the right people’s interest.
  • You get to properly articulate - once and for all - what makes your brand distinct, defensible, and desirable.

CST 06
Fresh Ideas On-Tap

“For when you need top-tier marketing expertise, back-up, and answers”

What does that look/feel like?

• You get direct and dedicated access to people who’ve been there, done that, and got the B2B marketing t-shirt.

• You get a sounding board, shoulder to cry on, and/or kick up the bottom (as needed).

• You get ongoing support and accountability to make sure your marketing and marketers deliver what’s needed.

So, fancy making your B2B marketing Sharper? We’re ready when you are.

I'm ready right now