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M.A.T.E. (Marketing Automation & Tech Expertise)

For when you need the next-level knowhow and hands-on MarTech skill to ramp up your marketing ROI.

Working with Sharper you get:

  • Zero-waffle guidance, support, and advice
  • Automated campaigns, processes, and programs that just work
  • To take your marketing automation game to the next level 
  • To make your data do more, be more, and mean more
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What's the challenge?

MarTech is generally a pain in the bottom.

It’s expensive, unwieldy, and needlessly complex.

Or so those who’ve not quite got things right with their MarTech would have you believe…

But given the right care and attention, and with the right approach (one that focuses on people first and getting them excited about actually using the tech) your MarTech will add massive value, streamline the way you work, and put a rocket up business growth like you wouldn’t believe.

We've made it happen for B2B brands of all shapes and sizes.

So, whether you’re:

  • Taking your first steps with MarTech and need some guidance, support, and advice
  • Scratching your head about how to take your MarTech game to the next level
  • Looking to optimise your MarTech stack and wring every last drop of value out of it
Then you’ve got a M.A.T.E. in Sharper with the next-level knowhow and hands on skill to help you turn your MarTech into an ROI machine.

How we turn your MarTech into an ROI machine:

Thanks to our Marketing Automation & Tech Expertise

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MarTech & Data Deep Dive

“For when you need to make sure your MarTech & Data is working for you (and not the other way around) ”

What does that look/feel like? 
  • You get a deep dive into your existing contact data to understand how good, useful, and relevant it is (or not, as the case may be) for your marketing.
  • You get zero-waffle guidance, support, and advice (at a granular level) on your MarTech set up, platforms, and tools.
  • You get the hands-on support to ensure everything is right-fit and ready to rumble for all of your marketing activity.


On-Point Processes

“For when you need the automations, campaigns, and back-end mechanisms in place that just get the job done”

What does that look/feel like? 
  •  You get to say goodbye to default configurations and a “one-size-fits-nobody” approach to your MarTech.
  • You get fully-automated inbound, outbound, and nurture campaigns that fill your pipeline as well as slick and seamless back-end processes you and your team can just set and forget.
  • You get maximum performance, capability, and value from your MarTech investments.

Right-Size Reporting

“For when you need to know and show exactly what your marketing delivers”

What does that look/feel like? 
  • You get clean, accurate, and timely reporting from your campaigns and activity, automatically.
  • You get to make better decisions thanks to more detailed data, accurate insights, and precise dash-boarding.
  • You get to answer the question “So what has marketing delivered?” with confidence, certainty, and proof.

MarTech Adoption Mastery

“For when you need your people on-side, engaged, and actually giving a damn about your MarTech”

What does that look/feel like?
  • You get to put your people first and have your MarTech work for them. Not the other way around. 
  •  You get the behavioural science insights and user adoption best practice to ensure your team are along for the ride, brought in. 
  •  You get to ring every last drop of value and ROI out of your MarTech investments.

So, fancy making your B2B marketing Sharper? We’re ready when you are.

I'm ready right now

A practical guide to conquering apathy, delivering ROI, and driving MarTech adoption success, written by our very own Founder/MD, Russ Powell.

In this delightful 'quick read' (It's only 30 odd pages. You'll get through it in one sitting. Guaranteed.) Russ explores the open secret about MarTech implementation and adoption projects: That most of them fail spectacularly.

Using both his experience running (and being on the receiving end of) MarTech roll outs as well as leaning on the fundamentals of behavioural science and psychology Russ breaks down:

  • Why MarTech roll outs fail
  • How you can avoid the same fate
  • How to make your MarTech investments positive ones

You'll then find practical guidance and advice on what you need to do to overcome the many hurdles that change projects (like MarTech roll outs) present, get your people engaged, and ensure success.

Front cover of the ebook called How to get people to use the MarTech