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We help you deliver marketing ROI. Simple.

Here's how...

We give our clients the Fresh Ideas & Firepower™ that deliver marketing ROI.

Thanks to our one-of-a-kind blend of:

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Clever Strategic Thinking

Fresh perspectives, experienced back up, and answers to brand new questions.

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Wonderfully Creative Campaigns

Great creative ideas and ROI-obsessed activities that get (and keep) the right people’s attention.

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Marketing Automation & Tech Expertise

The Next-level knowhow and hands-on MarTech skills to ramp up your marketing ROI.

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We do what we do because...

many B2B marketers and brands are struggling.

Struggling to stand out, add measurable value, and give marketing a seat at the table when it comes to strategic business decisions.

And these struggles are caused by three main things:

1. A lack of creativity

B2B is awash with blue logos, stock photos, and brands churning out the same old white-papers, webinars, and one-pagers. YAWN!

If we're bored of them as marketers imagine how the target audience must feel?

2. Marketing (and Marketers) not being valued

Who's the first on the chopping block when redundancies have to be made? The "colouring in department" that's who. (We've been there my friend).

If your business don't know what value you add, then how can they value you?

3. Lack of commercial awareness

This is tied to point number 2, but it’s scary how often marketers don’t understand or appreciate the commercial responsibility they have to a business.

What marketing does has to tie to metrics the business cares about.  

That's why Sharper is here.

We give our clients the Fresh Ideas & Firepower that deliver marketing ROI thanks to our one-of-a-kind blend of clever strategic thinking, wonderfully creative campaigns, and practical MarTech expertise.

But it's not just about WHAT we do. It's HOW we do it.

And our clients tell us they love working with Sharper for 3 main reasons:

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1. We've all got client side experience.

We know your world because it's our world too.

We're all battle-hardened ex-client-side marketers running the agency we wish we could have work with when we were in your shoes. 

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2. We're fearlessly creative...

but we underpin EVERYTHING we do with metrics and measures of success. 

That way you know you're getting bang for your marketing buck (and it's how we know our average campaign ROI across every campaign we've ever run is 1:63)

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3. We're easy to deal with.

But we're also direct, ask hard questions and challenge thinking to ensure we deliver what's right.

We also scored a world-class 8.8 on our NPS and the three words clients used most to describe us?

Creative. Supportive. Fun.