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Everything you need to know (and a little more) about Sharper

Founded 20th April 2020.

Everything we do is guided by our values.

Whether that's working with clients, devising strategies, creating campaigns, getting together as a team, or writing this values page itself.

Our values sit at the core of each and every thing we do, and will be glaringly obvious when you're working with, for, or alongside us.

Brain with sparks around


We won’t settle for the bland, the boring or the staid – like you’ll find with most other B2B marketing.

We’re all about finding different, inventive and exciting ways of doing things that set us and our clients apart from the rest. It's why the "Fresh Ideas" part of our Fresh Ideas & Firepower promise comes first.

Check out some of our client case studies if you're keen to see us flex our creative muscle.

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We’re driven by results and we love getting the job done – no matter what’s thrown at us along the way.

We always see challenges rather than problems and actually quite enjoy the odd hurdle to hump over, pit fall to avoid, or curve ball to deal with.

This is where our "Firepower" comes into play as we always give our all to (more often than not) meet and exceed our client's expectations.

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What’s fair isn’t always equal and what’s equal isn’t always fair. We ensure that everyone is treated with respect, their voice is heard, and they feel both valued and valuable.

We are big fans of building reciprocal relationships where we're in it together with our clients and partners - where everyone has each others best interests at heart.

Because how else do you really get things done?

Birthday Hats


We take what we do seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Life’s too short so we always inject what we do with a dose of fun.

Whether that's chatting to clients, delivering campaigns or just when we get together we'll guarantee* you at least one laugh.

*not a guarantee. You might be a miserable grump.

A short guide on how to live a Sharper live

If you’re part of the Sharper gang we only ever want you to be you, but the following just gives you a quick guide on how to do things the Sharper way:

  • 01. Absolute honesty, always.

    No politics. No bullshit. No game players.

  • 02. Share your ideas freely.

    Let them fly, let them die.

  • 03. Chop your own firewood.

    "Chop your own firewood, and it will warm you twice" - Henry Ford

  • 04. Manage your energy, not your time.

    We don't care how you work. We care about the work you deliver.

  • 05. Forgiveness > Permission.

    JFDI (with the best intentions).

  • 06. Be selfish, purposefully.

    Put yourself first when you need to.

  • 07. Don't take yourself too seriously.

    Nobody dies if we get something wrong.


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Judge us by the company we keep:

  • Netapp
  • Taxually
  • Cylenne..tbc
  • Cloudbridge
  • AWS
  • Logicalis
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