Logicalis, NetApp & Sharper

Easter Egg-citement (and serious ROI)

The Headlines:

  • 450% return on investment

  • 17 new accounts opened up (in just 3 weeks)

  • Engagement targets exceeded by more than DOUBLE


Here's how we did it...


Logicalis and NetApp operate in a congested, highly competitive space that’s often seen as dull and uninspiring. “Hybrid cloud solutions” and “digital transformation services” don’t immediately scream “fun & exciting”.

Which they are well aware of.

But they also know that because of this there’s a clear opportunity to stand out and be meaningfully different to their IT decision maker target audience.

Also, with the vast majority of people still under some form of lockdown restrictions around Easter 2021, NetApp and Logicalis wanted to do something for their target audience that was timely and fun but that would still drive significant brand awareness and new business opportunities.

Sharper B2B Marketing were very happy to oblige with The Great Big Online Easter Egg Hunt…

What's the angle?

In building the campaign there were 3 core objectives that "TGBOEEH" needed to meet:

• It had to capture the right people’s attention
• It had to raise awareness of both the NetApp and Logicalis brands (and their respective areas of expertise)
• It had to drive new business conversations and sales opportunities

The campaign more than delivered against all three of these.

It was a bold, colourful and eye-catching campaign that used a light-hearted tone of voice (and some superb egg-based puns) to capture people’s attention.

It was fully co-branded and “below the surface” of the campaign it was supported with rich and valuable content that was served to people as they played.

And it used a perfect blend of gamification, prizes, and lead capture techniques to drive deeper engagement with the campaign that has then delivered significant value and opportunities for Logicalis and NetApp.

And, that's not all...


The campaign was targeted at IT decision makers in SME and Enterprise sized organisations across Ireland. This was a sector agnostic campaign, due to the size of the Irish market.

IT decision makers are generally time poor, spread thinly, and constantly bombarded with marketing messages. They don’t tend to react well to obvious marketing/sales approaches, so we needed to create marketing that didn’t look or feel like marketing.

Sharper B2B Marketing had to create something that drew the audience in and that they actually wanted to engage with primarily because it was fun and different, but also because there was value in it for them.

We used multiple channels for this campaign, blending them perfectly to deliver the best possible experience for the target audience and drive campaign results.

Campaign Microsite:

  • EasterWithLogicalis.com was created as a co-branded microsite that acted as the hub and core asset for the campaign. Target individuals were driven to the site to register and play the 4 easter egg hunts as they went live


  • The email element of the campaign was split into 2 phases: Drive and Live.
    • 5x Drive emails were sent over a 2-week period to Logicalis’ target database inviting them to register to play.
    • During the Live period of the campaign the 4 easter egg hunts were opened up sequentially with separate streams of email sent to both registered and non-registered individuals.

Paid Social:

  • We used highly targeted paid ads on LinkedIn across the life of the campaign. We started with 5 ads, killing off the worst performing during the Live phase to maximise budget and results.

Organic Social:

  • We also ensured a consistent flow of organic posts on LinkedIn from the Logicalis Ireland profile, working with the NetApp UK social team and partner marketing organisation to engage with/boost these posts for maximum impact.


The Results...

To date the campaign has generated an ROI of 1:45 or 450% based on the number of qualified opportunities that have been generated across both new and existing accounts

The performance of each channel of the campaign was equally impressive:

• Overall engagement across the live period of the campaign equalled 46.67%. More than double the stretch target for the campaign of 20%.

• We saw a 6.64% on site conversion rate for easterwithlogicalis.com against a target conversion rate of 2.23% (based on B2B industry average)

• Drive emails delivered a 23.75% average open rate and 21.64% average CTR, both well above industry standards and anticipated 15% and 5% respective targets.

• Live emails also performed well delivering an average 17.5% open rate and a blistering 36% CTR

• Paid social supported wider awareness of the campaign and maximised the allocated media spend brilliantly delivering 26,000+ impressions and an average CTR of 0.44% (target 0.22%)

• Organic social performed particularly strongly delivering an average 6.82% engagement rate (LinkedIn average 2.0%) and an average 2.44% CTR (LinkedIn average 0.56%)

But don't just take our word for it...


“This was a brilliant campaign, not just for the creative approach it took but for the doors it opened and conversations it started with people outside of the core campaign itself.

I’ve never had so many contacts come to me directly and say “wow, this is something really great”. Thanks to Sharper for all your hard work.”

Sandra Dunne, Sales Manager, Logicalis Ireland


“This campaign made some serious waves. It has delivered some “cracking” results so far and will continue to as deals move through the pipeline.

Yet more great work from Sharper to deliver a campaign that’s both creative and commercially focused.”

Rana Singh, Partner Marketing Manager, NetApp UK

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