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The Marketing Magpie Podcast

Uncovering unusual and unexpected sources of marketing inspiration

Tired of the same old marketing discussions?

This podcast takes a refreshing approach, exploring unique perspectives and creative ideas that go beyond the standard fare.

In each episode, you’ll encounter fascinating guests who provide unconventional and unexpected sources of marketing inspiration. Tune in for a dose of the extraordinary to boost your B2B marketing strategies!

Welcome to The Marketing Magpie

This is just a short teaser to get you all juiced up and excited for The Marketing Magpie when it's ready to spread its wings and take flight properly

Episode 1: Stand Up Comic Chris Purchase

The first episode of the Marketing Magpie is here...and what a belter it is. We chat to Stand Up Comic Chris Purchase about building a community online, how to successfully pivot, and why it's never great to be followed by Nazis (amongst a whole heap of other stuff). 

Episode 2: Graffiti Artist FOKAWOLF

Who is the man behind the balaclava? It's graffiti artist and professional gobsh*te (to use his own words), FOKAWOLF. We chat about how to grab people's attention, the power of branding and how to rile up religious groups. 

Episode 3: Podcaster and Author Iszi Lawrence

Velociraptors, suffragettes, comedy... This episode's got it all, courtesy of the wonderful Iszi Lawrence. We chat about content creation, story telling, and the power of authenticity amongst a whole host of other things. 

Episode 4: Mindreader & Hypnotist Kennedy & Rob

Ready to have your mind fiddled with? Strap yourself in for Kennedy & Rob's take on story telling, belief building and how you can "sneak in the back door" of people's brains (amongst a host of other things). Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my're under!

Episode 5: Freelance Graphic Designer Dave Pugh

Ever wanted to know how to get THE BEST out of the creatives you work with? Dave talks us through how. We also chat about the creative process, the power of a great website and Alan Partridge. Back of the net!

Episode 6: Recruitment Company MD Jon Sanderson

Just what does an MD want from marketing? Jon gives you the inside scoop whilst also dishing up plentiful helpings of insights around getting close to your customer, the power of internal marketing and the importance of asking questions.

Episode 6.5: Bonus Episode - Father Christmas

We've got him. The interview that everyone wanted. It's the big guy himself giving us his thoughts on all things marketing, Christmas and kissing people's mums under the mistletoe. Ho ho ho

Episode 7: Sales Trainer Wendy Harris

It's not every day you get to talk to a real-life queen... But we're chatting to the #QueenOfMarkingConversation about all things sales and marketing. Why do we need to avoid vanity? How do we make things more human? What can marketers do to stop overthinking everything? Have a listen and find out...

Episode 8: Illustrator Katie Ruby

Want to know how to get the best out of the creatives you work with? Then have a listen to a creative telling you what you need to know. A wonderful chat about illustration, awesome briefs and Snoop Dogg to round off the first series of The Marketing Magpie. 

Liking what you’re hearing? Well thanks very much.

Think it’s not all that? Well that's a shame.

But either way, drop us a line if you want to have a chat about the podcast, think you’ve got someone who would make an ideal guest or if you think YOU have an unusual or unexpected source of inspiration for marketers.