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Finding Zen in B2B Marketing

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In the fast-paced world of business-to-business marketing, where finding a moment of peace can be a challenge, Sharper B2B launched “The Calmer” - a campaign that was less about meetings or emails, and more about finding a moment to relax.

This innovative initiative offered stressed-out and stretched-thin marketers a unique blend of tranquillity, engagement, and humour, redefining how agencies can (and should) help clients.




New client wins



The Challenge

The first campaign we’d ever run for ourselves The Calmer was to be a clear demonstration of our “Fresh Ideas & Firepower” approach that would drive greater awareness of Sharper and ignite interest in our services with our target audience.

But how to do that when that target audience we needed to get in front of – B2B Marketers – are so time poor, stressed out, and travelling at 100 mph?

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The Solution

We gave marketers exactly what they needed; a moment to relax and unwind (whilst demonstrating exactly what Sharper was all about)

In the relentless world of B2B marketing, stress and tight schedules are the norm.

Finding a place to unwind and recharge can be elusive, but fear not - The Calmer is here. This digital sanctuary offered tranquillity, inspiration and a touch of humour, all tailored to the B2B marketer’s mindset.

We tapped into the B2B marketer’s brain to offer them a relaxation experience like no other. This included:

  1. Guided Marketing Meditation: in just three minutes, marketers can reset their minds, refocus and find their centre.
  2. ASMR-keting: stress melts away with this ASMR video designed specifically for B2B professionals.
  3. Perfect Playlist: a curated Spotify playlist provides the perfect backdrop for creative thinking (and a secret message!).
  4. Yoga for B2B marketers: unwind with playful yoga poses like the Strategic Savasana and the Email Asana.
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The Results

The Calmer wasn’t just about relaxation, our inaugural campaign showcased our “Fresh Ideas & Firepower” resulting in impressive ROI.

We secured new clients, fuelled further growth with existing ones and sparked conversations with top targets like HPE, PwC and Bitdefender.

  • ROI – 1:142
  • New client wins – 4
  • Opportunities - 14


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Here's what Shane Redding, B2B Marketing Consultant had to say...

“The Calmer really stands out to me as an exemplar of what can be done and achieved when an agency “gets” their audience and can leverage that creatively.

I’ve used The Calmer multiple times in workshop sessions with my clients all over the world to both help people relax and unwind and show them an example of what amazing creativity looks like. Bravo Sharper”

So, fancy making your B2B marketing Sharper? We’re ready when you are.

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