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Frights and Firewalls: Beware the Horrors of Cyber Attacks

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It’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’ for IT decision makers… Around every digital corner a danger lurks: cyber-attacks. So brace yourself for an all-new horror film campaign that will send shivers down your firewall and make your encryption keys tremble.




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The Challenge

NetApp and Veeam teamed up with Sharper to run a co-branded campaign focused on engaging IT leaders with a compelling message about the perils of cyber threats and the critical importance of robust data security.

The objectives of this campaign were to:

  • Increase awareness and target audience engagement.
  • Generate leads, opportunities, via event attendees.

The campaign was to be centred around an intimate event tailored to the targeted audience, with the potential to expand internationally beyond the UK. To ramp up engagement further the campaign was executed in collaboration with NetApp and Veeam’s chosen partner, CDW.

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The Solution

Imagine something so chilling, it makes a Blumhouse horror film look like a Pixar musical.

That was the premise for HA:CK, an all-new (spoof) horror movie that shone a spotlight on the hackers lurking in the digital shadows. Scarier than any slasher flick, HA:CK served as a stark reminder to secure your cyber-doors before the digital demons pay a visit.

Complete with bespoke trailer, poster, tickets and its very own premiere event, HA:CK perfectly positioned key cybersecurity messages to the target audience in a new, inventive, and highly-engaging way, driving attendees to a physical event and generating buzz and business opportunities along the way.


The Results

This campaign was a real box office hit! With over 1800 unique visits to the website and more than 20 opportunities created as a result (+ a spin off campaign created to further nurture engaged contacts) HA:CKs spine-chilling messaging certainly hit home.


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Here's what Rhian Wadsworth, Partner Marketing Manager, CDW had to say...

“I absolutely loved this campaign. It was just the right mix of creative and clever that appealed to the target audience and gabbed their attention. Fab work by a fab team. Thanks Sharper!”

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