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Defending Data: The Enquêteurs and the Case of the Cyber Criminals

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  • Cyllene NetApp


Watch out! Simon the Cyber Criminal is after your data.

Our recent campaign added a twist of fun to data protection, challenging IT decision makers with a captivating quiz. The mission? To equip the audience with the skills to outwit the craftiest of cyber villains.






Brand impressions

The Challenge

Groupe Cyllene was planning a comprehensive cyber resilience and data protection campaign, funded by NetApp, that showcased how they can address the data protection needs of the target audience.

The campaign was aimed at the French market, targeting cloud-savvy IT decision makers and leveraging a database of 2,000 prospects from Groupe Cyllene, plus selected NetApp accounts.

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The Solution

The objectives of this campaign were to:

  • Increase awareness and engagement
  • Generate leads and opportunities

And the best way to do that – in any language – is to use our tried and tested “laddered quiz” campaign mechanism.

For Groupe Cyllene we made use of an engaging illustrated creative (which was very different from anything else in market at the time) and leveraged both multi-phase email activity and a targeted mix of paid and organic social media to drive the intended audience to the quiz's landing page.

Once there, the "Cyber Enquêteur" quiz was designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge to safeguard their data against cyber criminals (whilst capturing engagement data for easier lead follow up).

Created entirely in French this campaign introduced our laddered quiz format and our Fresh Ideas & Firepower TM approach to a whole new audience, infusing education with entertainment in the process.

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The Results

The call to “Protégez vos données” resonated powerfully with the target audience.

Boasting a whopping 200K brand impressions and a staggering 1,200 quiz plays, these “Enquêteurs” are now equipped with the knowledge to fend off Simon the Cyber Criminal.

  • 91% average email open rate
  • 203,394 impressions and average CTR of 0.64% for paid social media (LinkedIn)
  • 6% engagement rate for organic social (above industry average)
  • 26 opportunities
Quiz mock
Here's what Cerise Cottiaux, Marketing Manager, Groupe Cyllene had to say...

“An excellent campaign that did exactly the right things. The design and content captured the imagination of the target audience perfectly and the results were very strong.”

So, fancy making your B2B marketing Sharper? We’re ready when you are.

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