StartUp marketing 101: the podcasts to get you started

In the second of our StartUp marketing series, we’ll be delighting your ear drums and getting your brain cogs whirring with some knowledge-filled audio delights… otherwise known as Podcasts.

Now, we’re not just jumping on the podcast bangwagon ‘coz that’s what all the cool kids do’… we actually do love a Podcast here at Sharper HQ.

As we explained in the first in the StartUp marketing 101 series, “lack of marketing can mean lack of awareness for your brand, lack of engagement with customers, and lack of sales pipeline which can all put you on a quick path to nowhere. Especially in the uber competitive StartUp world.”

And, as we also explained, the answer is: Educate yourself.

You’ll be surprised how much you can actually absorb listening to a podcast while multi-tasking, whether you’re taking a coffee break, taking a walk or running on the treadmill *or any other activity that you can do in ‘usual’ times like the commute*

So without further ado, let’s introduce you to some podcasts to get your started…



Masters of Scale

Hosted by Reid Hoffman, former Co-Founder of LinkedIn and prolific Partner / Investor in the StartUp and ScaleUp world, Reid gets some real heavy hitters on this well-known podcast. If you’re not new to the podcasting thang, you may have already heard of this one, but it’s too good to leave out. Pulling high-profile guests such as and CEOs and Founders from the likes of Spotify, Dropbox and Instagram, you’ll struggle to find a better line up.

The podcast covers all things related to ‘Scaling’ a business as you might expect (clue being in the title 😉) and a major part of scaling a business as you know, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far, is marketing. Some of our fave episodes include ‘How to take on goliaths and win’ which is all about gaining competitive advantage, as well as ‘How to turn skeptics into fans’ which is all about disrupting a marketplace and turning doubters into buyers.




Most of the guests and companies featured are in the Consumer Tech space (forgiving the few random ones, like the Founder of Spanx), but the knowledge they have to impart is still super relevant to your growing business, so check it out…



The Marketing Meetup Podcast

Now, immediately upon hearing that title, you’re probably thinking, I’m not a marketing person, so this ‘ain’t for me’… but you’d be wrong.

Brought to you by Joe Glover, the founder of ‘The Marketing Meetup’ group, there’s over 120 episodes of the good stuff and they’re some short, punchier ones in there for when you haven’t got an hour to spare.

Some topics may be a bit ‘indepth’, but there’s plenty of broader brushstroke episodes with our recommendations including ‘How to stand the f*** out’, ‘How to gain a competitive edge in time of fear and uncertainty’ and ‘from Dragons Den to Exit’…



The Business Marketing Club Podcast

Much like the Marketing Meetup podcast, this is for primarily for the marketer’s out there. But, don’t be put off. There’s still a lot of value to be taken away.

With show and tells from Business Marketers dealing with change, through to planning, lead generation and search, you can go as high level or as deep as you want with this.





We think you’ll find a lot of value from this episode ‘B2B Marketing on a Shoestring, which also features our wider agency group, Selbey Anderson’s founder, Dom Hawes, who speaks about the value businesses can get by engaging with agencies at the right time.

You might find, Great B2B Marketing Agency and Client Relations super helpful too.




Startups for the rest of us

A bit more of a niche one here, but great for you product / SaaS StartUps out there. Brought to us by serial StartUp entrepreneur Rob Walling (who most recently sold Drip).

With episodes averaging roughly half an hour, it’s well worth setting aside a coffee break once a week to check out the latest episode. In several episodes Rob will answer listener questions… so there’s audience participation from listener’s just like you, who are facing the same challenges.

It’s very ‘American’ and you’ll hear the phrase ‘stoked’ quite a lot, but you’ll find a lot of value especially if you’re a technical Founder / CEO getting into marketing for the first-time or looking to expand your knowledge…

Episodes to get you started:

Episode 508 – Finding Marketing Channels, Seat-Limited Trials, Building a Brand is a goodie.

Episode 495 – Advice, Competition, Marketing and Managing Developers (A Rob Solo Adventure)


We’re always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to, so if you’ve got any recommendations connect with us on LinkedIn and we’d love to chat about it.

If you’re a startup founder looking to take the first step into the unknown world of marketing, or you’ve got a marketing dilemma you need to solve, we want to help. Check out #SharpUp for StartUps to find out more or get in touch below.


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